Access blocked websites in Mozilla FireFox


Access blocked websites in Mozilla FireFox

To better understand how you can access blocked websites, you must first
know the difference between a Private Proxy and a Shared Proxy.

Shared proxies

What is the difference between Private Proxy and Shared Proxy?


In shared proxies, you share your IP address with several internet users. They also have geographical limitations. Moreover, shared proxies are usually
blacklisted. You also run the risk of getting banned in case one of the users
in the Shared Proxy gets banned. However, Shared proxies are cheaper than
private proxies.

Private proxies


Private proxies are much more expensive than shared proxies. Moreover,
private proxies are only used by one person. Hence, you don’t have to worry
about the bandwidth speed because no other person can have access to it
except you. Also unlike shared proxies, private proxy servers have no
geographical limitations. Hence, you can choose your preferred proxy server
geographical location. For instance, you can request from the proxy service
that all your addresses come from a UK IP address. If you want your
addresses to come from a large geographical area, you can also arrange this
with the service. Some applications also work much better with private proxy

How to properly search for Proxy Servers?


You must first search for proxy servers that you can use to access blocked
websites. It is recommended to search for something like “YouTube Proxy
server” or “Facebook Proxy server” since they show you interactive proxy
websites. In this way, your searches will show interactive proxy websites
that you can use by simply encoding the URL in the URL field.

Configuring Mozilla Fire Fox Settings to access blocked websites


The following are the steps in order to configure your Mozilla web browser to
use a proxy:

1. Run Mozilla Fire Fox;
2. Click Tools, Options;
3. Click Advanced Tab;
4. Click network tab;5. Encircle Manual Proxy Configuration and;
6. Type the Port Number and IP address at the appropriate place. It is
usually an HTTP server.

In conclusion, finding the best proxy servers that you can use to access
blocked websites can be difficult or easy; it depends on your preferences and
computer (or network) specifications.



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