How to hide your identity when surfing the internet?


How to hide your identity when surfing the internet?


In order to hide your identity from the internet, you must first understand
what a proxy server is and how it works. A Proxy or Proxy server is a
computer hub; this computer hub connects multiple computers or other
networking devices on the internet and processes any internet requests you
send to it. Proxy servers are used to hide your identity while surfing the net,
filter web content, and screen downloads or uploads.
Usually when you are surfing the net, your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
will assign to you an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This IP address is used
by your computer to identify itself and interact with other computers on the
internet. The IP address is like your home or mailing address.

How Proxy servers work?


When you are surfing the internet, websites receive your IP address,
browser type and other internet information sent by your ISP. These proxy
servers work by blocking these information and showing its IP address
instead of your own IP address. In this way, you prevent your ISPs from
revealing your identity to the website. You can also use free Wi-Fi services
provided by coffee shops, malls, hotels or any other public establishments to
hide your IP address.

Public and Private Proxies

What is the difference between Public Proxies and Private Proxies?


Comparing a public proxy and a private proxy is like comparing your own
telephone to a payphone; Payphones are used by so many people; on the
other hand, telephones in your home are only used by you or the people
living in your home. In the same way, private proxies are used by only one
person while public proxies are used by thousands of persons. When it
comes to reliability and efficiency, private proxies trump public proxies.
Public proxies usually don’t work and when they do, they are slow. Also,
Public Proxies eventually crash because they are used by thousands of
people. By using public proxies, you also run the risk of revealing your
private information to hackers. Public Proxies will certainly be overrun
because of so many people searching for free proxy servers. On the other
hand, Private Proxies last longer as compared to Public Proxies; they are
also a lot faster because they aren’t being abused by the public.
In conclusion, private proxies are more efficient than public proxies because
they are used by only one person at a time.


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